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Awards & Recognitions

It provides technical expertise in the most complete set of commercial level productivity offers in the current market.

3 Years

Certified describe that services can distinguish intellectual property that help clients streamline deliveries and improve their applications.

5 Years

Certifies that Solvex can connect customers' applications and SaaS across the enterprise.

4 Years

Describe the expertise in powerful, secure mobility management solutions. Help customers address important compliance issues and emerging security threats.

3 Years

It guarantees safety and productivity anywhere and on any device with innovations based on identity and intelligence.

2 Years

Helps to implement, configure, manage and monitor the messaging infrastructure.

5 Years

We stand out as a partner that is capable of delivering SharePoint solutions and capitalize on the collaboration market opportunity that building a SharePoint practice presents.

9 Years

This certifies we take advantage of Small And Mid Market Business's momentum to adopt Office 365 and we give the best in productivity and security.

1 Year