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Cloud Managed Services Focus on what you do best while we strategize and execute IT projects that drive your business goals

A Stable Environment

Without a trusted environment to work from, cloud technologies won’t improve your business much. From Internet to imaging, we architect a consistent user experience and audit your existing environment to ensure everything runs securely and predictably.

Why choose this package

  • When you have an issue with hardware, software, patches and updates through the extensive management of your virtual platforms, servers, and workstations, SOLVEX can diagnose and eliminate potential threats including issues of expiring passwords, limited software usage and more.
  • We understand and appreciate the importance of a predictable working experience always. A predictable working environment is one that is stable with work flowing safely and uninterrupted for your business needs. That’s why our cloud architecture helps improve your business data needs when we audit your user experience to ensure security, stability, and predictability.
  • We provide enough security and uninterrupted running for your workstations, virtual machines, and servers using the latest operating systems. Through our IT experts at SOLVEX, we manage compliance status with your hardware and software assets while you stick to what you know how to do best, building a successful business enterprise.
  • SOLVEX team of IT experts provide round the clock support anytime. We are always excited to hear from you about your server, Window, Azure, network or cloud technology needs. Call support today.
  • Enjoy 100% security of data as we provide backup and recovery services for all your data from your both cloud-based and on-premises servers and desktops for onward transmission to the cloud. With SOLVEX cloud backup and recovery services, you can say goodbye to disasters, threats and data breach or loss.
  • 150GB Storage
  • 2GB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support
  • 12 Accounts
  • 7 Host Domain