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Terms of use These are the terms of use for our website


All visitor’s domain name, IP address, operating system version and web browser shall be stored by our web servers automatically once the accesses this page. The details might include those of the site that directed you to our website. It is nothing personal but for analysis of visitors to our site and effective monitoring while the visitor still remains anonymous. Your IP helps us:

• Identify key issues with our site.

• It helps us identify areas on the site that attracts more traffic.

• Check site misuse.


No individual except authorized by SOLVEX has the right to distribute, modify, exchange, sell or transmit any information published on this site for commercial or business use. Such restriction covers all images, audio, videos, text but not limited to the above only. No illegal activity whatsoever shall occur using this site.


We do have features to prevent data loss, misuse or alteration on our site. With the aid of a firewall, your personal information enjoys restricted access to only specific staff at SOLVEX and no unauthorized person from within and outside the organization can access it.


Cookies are files that help us identify the web browser that contacted us and then we store the details. So we use cookies on our site just to ensure we serve you better. It helps us check the pages you visit on our site and how your experiences on our site turns-out. Cookies help us optimize your site experience and visits as well as for Google ads.

Please note that we cannot in any way have access to your PC or any information you do not provide in the first instance. Please feel free to modify your browser settings to decline cookies as most browsers will automatically accept cookies except you change the parameters on your PC.


We hold a very strict policy with contact form usage and so we do not sell your personal details or information to a third party. Your details such as name, email and company name only help us respond to your questions and inquiries.


This document spells out the relation between SOLVEX and an existing client. It contains and describes how any information both personal could be used or process via the SOLVEX website at https://www.solvex.com. AT SOLVEX we guarantee the protection of your privacy.

You are free to use this site without leaving any personal information except the need arises in solving a problem or responding to your query. All functions shall remain within the ambit of this policy document so read carefully.

By your use of this website, you agree to the terms contain herewith or underneath. SOLVEX possess the sole right to modify all information contained herein, whole or part without notification to any other party.


SOLVEX will not disclose your personal information to anyone except when required by law or with sufficient reasons and necessity. Such situations may include:

• In accordance with legal proceedings served on SOLVEX.

• In the course of an investigation into an unlawful act.

• In the interest of safety and to protect the rights and property of SOLVEX or other site users of SOLVEX.

• In helping identify defiant to the law, SOLVEX privacy policy or the rights of a third party.

• As a legal and reply to a user request.